Halal Catering In KL: The Top 10 Services For Authentic Delights

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Corporate Tea Time Catering from RunningMen Catering

When it comes to planning an event in Kuala Lumpur, one of the key aspects to consider is the catering service. Kuala Lumpur, the vibrant capital of Malaysia, offers a diverse culinary scene, including a range of halal catering services. In this blog post, we will explore the top 10 halal catering services in KL that are renowned for their exceptional quality, flavors, and customer satisfaction. From elegant corporate events to joyful celebrations, these catering services have gained a reputation for their dedication to providing delicious halal cuisine.

1. RunningMen Catering - Top Choice for Halal Catering Services

Runningmen Catering has carved a niche for itself in the catering industry, providing a unique blend of flavors and creativity. Their innovative approach to halal cuisine sets them apart, offering a diverse selection of dishes that cater to both local and international palates. From themed parties to corporate gatherings, Runningmen Catering adds an extra dash of excitement to any event. 

runningmen catering

To visit the RunningMen Catering website, click here.

2. Big Onion Food Caterer

With years of experience, Big Onion Catering has established itself as a leading halal catering service in KL. They offer a wide array of menus, ranging from traditional Malay dishes to international cuisine, all prepared with meticulous attention to detail. Their professional team ensures that each event is flawlessly executed, leaving guests delighted with their delectable offerings.

big onion food catere

To visit the Big Onion Food Caterer website, click here.

3. The Perfect Match Catering Services

Perfect Match Catering aims to strike the perfect balance between taste and presentation. With a focus on meticulous preparation and exquisite presentation, they create a harmonious blend of flavors that cater to various palates. From intimate weddings to grand celebrations, Perfect Match Catering adds a touch of culinary perfection to every event.

perfect match catering

To visit the Perfect Match Catering website, click here.

4. Mohd Chan Group

Mohd Chan Catering is synonymous with traditional Malay cuisine, known for its authentic flavors and time-honored recipes. With a commitment to preserving the culinary heritage of Malaysia, they curate menus that showcase the richness and diversity of Malay cuisine. Mohd Chan Catering ensures a gastronomic journey that takes guests on a memorable cultural experience.

mohd chan catering

To visit the Mohd Chan Catering website, click here.

5. Tasty Touch Catering Service

Tasty Touch Catering Service is dedicated to tantalizing taste buds with their exquisite halal dishes. Their diverse menu encompasses a wide range of cuisines, prepared with precision and expertise. From appetizers to main courses and desserts, Tasty Touch Catering Service guarantees a flavorful and satisfying culinary journey for all.

tasty touch catering

To visit the Tasty Touch Catering website, click here.

6. Orange Catering

Orange Catering is known for its innovative and visually appealing approach to halal catering. They create vibrant and colorful dishes that please both the eyes and the palate. With a fusion of flavors and artistic presentation, Orange Catering offers a sensory feast that adds a unique touch to any event.

orange catering

To visit the Orange Catering website, click here.

7. Mix Mix Catering

Mix Mix Catering embraces the cultural diversity of Malaysia, infusing it into their menu offerings. Their fusion dishes bring together various culinary traditions, resulting in a symphony of flavors. Whether it’s a wedding or a corporate gathering, Mix Mix Catering ensures an immersive culinary experience that celebrates the multicultural tapestry of Malaysia.

Mix Mix Catering

To visit the Mix Mix Catering website, click here.

8. PichaEats

PichaEats goes beyond catering, serving as a social enterprise that empowers refugee families through their culinary skills. They offer a unique opportunity to savor authentic dishes from Syria, Afghanistan, and more, prepared with love and dedication. Every meal ordered from PichaEats supports a noble cause while allowing guests to experience the richness of diverse cultures.

pichaeats catering

To visit the PichaEats website, click here.

9. UNIQ Catering Services

UNIQ Catering stands out for their meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence. They provide tailor-made catering services for various events, ensuring a seamless and memorable dining experience. With their professional team and impeccable service, UNIQ Catering takes pride in delivering extraordinary culinary moments.

uniq catering

To visit the UNIQ Catering website, click here.

10. Baiduri Jasamas

Baiduri Jasamas is synonymous with the preservation of authentic Malay cuisine. With a focus on using the finest ingredients and traditional cooking techniques, they create flavors that evoke a sense of nostalgia. Baiduri Jasamas brings the essence of Malaysian heritage to every dish, making them a top choice for those seeking an authentic halal catering experience.

To visit the Baiduri Jasamas website, click here.

From traditional Malay cuisine to innovative fusions, these top halal caterers in KL excel in delivering exceptional dining experiences. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, or social gathering, these catering services uphold halal principles while providing a feast for the senses. 



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