A way to customize menu choices to guests’ tastes.


A way to customize menu choices to guests’ tastes.

DIY Bar — a conversation starter among guests

Get your guests out of their seats, perfect for mingling and bring a fun interactive feel to your event. Suitable for social event and corporate event more than 30 pax. 

Our Selection

Choose from our new addition of DIY Bar

S'more Bar

Make your event night even more fun with a loaded S'mores bar. Let your guests build their own s'mores creation together!

Boba Bar

Boba lovers? Offer a make-your-own boba station with different toppings.

Flower Bar

The perfect way to entertain guests during your romantic wedding day!

Coffee & Tea Bar

Self-serve coffee and tea bar, guests can customize their beverage just like Starbucks do!

Waffles bar

Get a DIY waffles only for 3 mins! There are sweet or savoury topping for your guests to choose!

Popcorn bar

Bored of caramel or salted popcorn? Add toppings and flavouring based on your guests' preference!

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