General Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions

These are the general terms and conditions for an event or catering reservation with Runningman Instant Delivery Sdn Bhd. It is essential for clients to carefully review and agree to these terms and conditions when making reservations with Runningman Instant Delivery Sdn Bhd:

– The confirmation of your reservation implies the full understanding and acceptance of the present General Terms of Agreement.

– Once a deposit is paid and received, it is within our mutual understanding that you agree to all the terms as setout below, with or without signature of this agreement.

1. Deposit / Balance of Payment:

– A 50% deposit of the total estimated amount is required upon confirmation of the offer.

– The balance of the total payment must be made three (3) days before the event date.

– Final arrangements, such as the number of persons/tables attending, must be provided in writing 48 hours (2 days) before the event.

– Payment methods accepted are Credit/debit card, bank transfer, cash, online payment and check payable to Runningman Instant Delivery Sdn Bhd

– Payments Details can be found in the Invoice given.

2. Confirmation of Event

– This proposal does not guarantee that the date is blocked for your event. Only a deposit of 50% of estimated cost will confirm the reservation. 

– If we do not receive the deposit by the specified deadline, we will assume that you have made alternative arrangements, and your reservation will be automatically canceled without the need for additional notification from our end.

– If you cannot adhere to the payment schedule, please inform us in writing or whatsapp.

3. Cancellation Policy:

– Cancellations must be made in writing or whatsapp at least 48 hours (2 days) before the event date.

– Non-refundable once the payment made.

– Postpone period only allow within 60 days from the actual order date.

– Amendments to the reservation must also be conveyed in writing or whatsapp at least 48 hours before the function.

4. Delivery:

– Clients are responsible for being available at the time of delivery and ensuring arrangements are made.

– If the Delivery Service Provider is unable to reach the client, they will attempt to contact the client or an authorized person for up to 30 minutes.

– If the delivery cannot be made within 30 minutes, it is deemed delivered, and the client is liable for the payment.

– If the client rejects the delivery without prior notice, the order is still considered delivered, and the client is liable for payment.

– The company cannot guarantee specific delivery times due to factors like weather or traffic. Clients agree to accept the order regardless of early or late delivery.

5. Equipment:

– Any equipment lost or damaged by the client or guests will be charged at the full replacement cost.

6. Food Quality and Consumption

– Food must be consumed within 3 hours upon delivery.

– Runningmen Catering is not responsible for food quality or contamination/poistioning if consumption exceeds the stated time limit.

– Runningmen Catering will not handle food and beverages not prepared by them without prior approval and additional charges.

– The company is not responsible for damages, missing items, or the flow of food/beverages not prepared by them.

– Runningmen Catering may replace or change food items without notice due to unforeseen circumstances for orders made less than 7 working days before the event.

7. Unforeseen Circumstances:

– Runningmen Catering is not liable for deficiencies in food quality due to natural disasters, strikes, and other unforeseen circumstances.

– No responsibility is assumed for food quality if changes are requested within 48 hours.

– The company reserves the right not to show up on the event day if conditions like strikes or natural disasters occur.

– Runningmen Catering is not responsible for event delays due to natural disasters or changes in time/venue within 48 hours.