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With RunningMen Catering, your party will feel different because we always provide unique food options and Instagrammable decoration. We are best known as “The Most Innovative Caterer in Malaysia” who has served more than 3500 events & over 8000 clients. A top-notch catering service is guaranteed with us. Our professional advice, uniqueness in food options, and flexibility services are what make us stand out among all.

Our ExpertiseNo More Boring Catering!

No matter you are having a birthday party, simple gathering, or any events, we help you to settle your difficulties in the food selecting and preparation process (if you want to cook by yourself!). We cater to all kinds of foods which you can find out more below:

Suggested Option 1: Foodie Box

runningmen catering foodie box travel theme packaging with luggage styled foodie box

The Foodie Box is featuring numerous famous foods origin from different countries such as America, England, Italy, Netherlands, France, Vietnamese, Korea, Japanese, Malaysia, and still counting! Suitable for all kinds of activities like party, gathering, meeting, lunch, dinner and more.

[Update in March 2021] – New Foodie Box packaging themed Travel is designed upon a suitcase (luggage) which we use to pack our clothes for traveling. Read more about the Foodie Box product here!

Items Preview:

  • Japanese Sushi Box
  • Korea Fried Chicken Box
  • Korea Kimbap Roll Box
  • France Round Fruit Tart Box
  • Malaysia Nasi Lemak Tart Box
  • America Charcoal Mini Burger Box
  • America Snackie Mixture Box
  • England Sandwiches & Burrito Box
  • Netherlands Doughnut & Cronut Box
  • America Buffalo Chicken Wings & Boxing Box
  • Italy Bomboloni Box
  • And Many More!

Suggested Option 2: Mini Catering

Did you know you can actually throw in a party with only 7-10 people? Are you still thinking that catering is only for events with many guests? If yes, then perhaps you should change your mind now because our mini catering service is here to break the norm. Mini catering is best for people who wanted to have a wonderful time with their bestie or family members.

Standard Cuisine

Our buffet-style packages are uniquely crafted and best-rated items that have achieved a high acceptance rate since inception. So it should suit the appetite of the vast majority with no worries.

  • Lemon Sauce Chicken
  • Sesame Honey Chicken
  • Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet
  • Kampung Style Fried Mee Hoon
  • Peanut Vege Fried Rice

Western Cuisine

  • Mediterranean Rice with Raisin
  • Spaghetti Bolognese with Parmesan Cheese
  • Signature Blackpepper Chicken Chop
  • Grill Fish with Honey Lemon Sauce
  • Grill Prawn with Lobster Sauce
  • Cajun Cocktail Sausages
  • Roasted Vegetables

Suggested Option 3: Giant Charcoal Burger

The earth has gone around the sun once again and it’s your special person’s birthday. Want to step up your game this year? Sending a birthday text is nice but let’s be real, it just doesn’t hold a typical cake with a normal candle – to something more special.

We think sending someone a GIANT BURGER in a box is an awesome choice to go. For birthdays, these are definitely some fun party ideas that are sure to deliver another kind of bonding.


  • Giant Charcoal Burger
  • Lobster / Abalone / Chicken / Fish Mini-Burger
  • Homemade Crispy Nuggets
  • Wedges Fries
  • Waffles Fries
  • Cool Sparky Candle

Wow! This is what it looks like to have a party with Foodie Box and Mini Catering together.

A Unique Party Experience!

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**All our foods are Muslim-friendly so it can be shared among Malaysians!

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