Is RunningMen Catering Different From RunningMan Food Delivery?

Is RunningMen Catering different from RunningMan Food Delivery? What does RunningMen or RunningMan do? Huh..?!~ OMG why is this so confusing?

We know these questions had been asked by many people in the past and even after a long time the answers seem still blur. Don’t worry, we are here to answer the questions. After reading this you will surely be able to understand their differences.

The Origin Story – A problem and an idea!

Back in 2014, a few students from TAR UC (Tunku Abdul Rahman University College), Setapak, Kuala Lumpur found that getting a lunch sometimes is a hassle task where it may consume a huge amount of time especially for those students who are living in the hostel. TAR UC’s hostel actually located in a deeper part of the campus whereby students have to go through at least 10-15mins of walks before they can get to the nearby eateries.

Tunku Abdul Rahman University College - Department of Student Affairs
TAR UC Hostel in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur Main Campus, source from

Thus, in order to solve this problem, they decided to start up their food delivery service started from only RM0.50 per order and requires no minimum order! At that point in time, their intention is only to earn some pocket money to cover their expenses in the university. Even though this business doesn’t generate them a big fortune but they think this is meaningful enough where they help to solve a REAL problem! At this stage, all orders were mainly served for TAR UC students, ordering using WhatsApp, WeChat, phone calls, and even SMS. No system, no fancy tech, everything was all done using the manual way. It wasn’t an easy task when they have to be both the operator (the job of accepting orders) and the rider (the job of delivering food – the RunningMan).

The establishment of RunningMan Food Delivery

Since their informal inception in 2014, affordable prices and tip-top services give them good popularity and thereby have the number of orders increased significantly, from a couple of orders per day to hundreds of orders per day. This is the time the team, Andrew Chee (the second guy from the right, now the CEO of RunningMan) decided to bring the business online and to build a delivery platform. After thorough planning, they established RunningMan in May 2015, a food delivery platform that offers the most affordable service and has no minimum orders! Their hard work and good business model had attracted investors to provide funding to start the company. The name RunningMan is actually to reminiscence how they run the food from merchants to users in the very beginning!

The demands for catering orders

Footage of a catering order

Soon, in 2015, the users started to request catering, the bulk ordering of food to cater to a larger number of people. Thanks to the huge merchant networks from food delivery activities, RunningMan has all the knowledge and experiences to meet the demands. Like food delivery, catering started on a small scale where users are ordering mainly for private events like open houses, parties, birthdays, weddings, and much more. A year later, in 2016, with the good service and wide food options range, the catering division in RunningMan has gained momentum. It gets evolved because corporate users like 11Street, Maybank, TAR UC started to order catering for their events and also daily food solutions. Hence in order to cater to these catering users better, a new business unit was formed called RunningMen Catering. Notice the “Man” in RunningMan turned to “Men”? It was done intentionally to indicate the increase in delivery man because in catering the number of manpower increased, thus RunningMen was born.

The status of RunningMen Catering and RunningMan in 2020

While RunningMan food delivery continues serving in its food delivery industry, RunningMen Catering has strived to dominate the catering market to a greater extent, particularly in the corporate world. Now, RMC is among the top caterer in Klang Valley and best known for our flexible service and uniqueness in food. With 100+ big brands have partnered with us for food solutions in their organisation, RunningMen Catering is now the leading corporate caterer in Malaysia.

Wrap Up

In short, RunningMen Catering is different from RunningMan Food Delivery. The former focuses on catering services while the latter does food delivery services. Technically speaking, RunningMen Catering was a business unit under the parent company known as RunningMan Instant Food Delivery Berhad. To know more about us, feel free to head over to this page.