Foodie Box

The best party starter pack!

Made for sharing, perfect for parties!

Now you don’t have to order from many different places just to have food variety!

Our foodie box is most suitable for large parties, hangouts with friends, and long-time gatherings. Each comes with a wide variety free for you to choose!

So why choose us?

You can’t finish all the food by yourself!

So unless you can finish 10 pax worth of food-in-a-box …

Our large servings promote interaction and sharing around the table!

With us, you can feel free to interact with your guests, maybe you could even talk about how absurdly abundant the food serving is!

Take a picture, they look and taste amazing!

We understand your need to take absolutely stunning pictures at your party! Pics or it didn’t happen amiright?

Can’t find a good angle no matter where you point? Well, no longer!

We have prepared our food in such a way it offers the most beautiful presentation and arrangement, perfect for photo takings with your guests!

Picky eaters have no fear!

Parties normally see A LOT of different people, and suffice to say they would each have different tastes …

Now you don’t have to order from many different locations just to have some variety anymore!

Our large range of flavour and cuisine options will see to it that everyone is satisfied!

Dip Your Hands Into the Boxes

Psst, pass it around the table, I need my food fix!


There’s nothing more suitable to satisfy your snack cravings! Look no further if you desire a good bite to share with your friends!

Foodie Box Options:

Crisp-and-Crunch (Single and Double sized)

Snack-Away (Single and Double sized)

Wrap-and-Roll (Single and Double sized)

Mini Burger (Single sized)


It is fluffy, it is sweet, it is light! Perfect with tea, it is the best way to kick back after a long day at work!

Foodie Box Options:

Bomb-Boloni (Single and Double sized)

Bon Appé-Tart (Single and Double sized)

Strudel-Loo (Single sized)


Excellent quality sushi with amazing array of the utmost popular all contained in one big box of sushi goodness! Freshness and deliciousness guaranteed!

Foodie Box Options:

Makizushi Galore (Single sized)

Nigirizushi Galore (Single sized)

Sashimi Select (Single sized)

Vege Sushi Galore (Single sized)

Moriawase Deluxe (Double sized)

Premium Sushi Parade (Double sized)


A kimbap savoury goodness with the rice offering a perfect balance, and Korean fried chicken with tender meat and crispy skin specially prepared with a thin batter!

Foodie Box Options:

Kimbap Roll (Single sized)

Kimbap Cheese (Single sized)

Kimbap Max (Double sized)

Savoury Chikin (Single sized)

Fiery Chikin (Single sized)

Chikin Sauce Max (Double sized)

Check Out Our Range

Here are some actual images of our foodie box for your wish list!

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