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Woohoo, so what’s up after Jingle Bell and New Year?

Of course, it would be the “Gong Xi Fa Cai” festive!

The CNY, Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year, is probably the next takeaway for us to escape the reality from current pandemic conditions. This year’s Chinese New Year falls on 12 February 2021, Friday, marks the beginning of the year of Ox (Cow). The celebration of the festive has a history of over 3,000 years which dated back to the ancient worship of heaven and earth. This precious time is best for friends, relatives, families, colleagues, and acquaintances to be together for quality time once again. FYI, all our foods are Muslim-friendly so it can be shared among all Malaysians! Fun fact: CNY is best known as the Spring Festival in China because it starts at the beginning of Spring.

Well, if you still have no idea how to celebrate 2021’s Chinese New Year, perhaps you should read on to see what RunningMen Catering has prepared for you this year:

1) Reunion Dinner

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The dinner on Chinese New Year Eve is called “reunion dinner” which is often regarded as the most important meal of the year. Family members are required to gather together for the dinner and often served with feast meals. It represents the welcome of the desire for a new life. Some people do not know that those dishes in the dinner carry symbolic meanings where dish like fish (yu) means “surplus” in Chinese sound while the glutinous rice suggests “an increase in income or position”. That’s why it is said to be the most important meal of the year.

2) Traditional Chinese Catering

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If you think the above dinner is too much, well no worries. We got you covered with another set of meals which is suited for all Malaysian’s appetite. This is to ensure nobody is left out because these are specially made for Malaysian’s stomach. For instance, our signature chicken and fish dishes such as the Crispy Chicken with Special Spices, Si Chuang Spicy Chicken Popcorn, Traditional Mushroom Chicken Feet, Fish Fillet Slices with Lemon Sauce, Fried Fish Fillet with Sweet & Sour Sauce, Crispy Fish Fingers Fillet, and many more. Besides, you also get some flavored rice or noodles like our highly recommended Signature Yang Zhou Fried Rice and Home Style Fried Noodle. Enjoy it with your friends, colleagues, neighbours or anyone you liked!

*Best for Corporate users for activities like luncheon, new year opening/closing events, business events, office parties, etc.

3) Prosperity Poon Choi

This massive bowl of goodies, best known as “Poon Choi” in Cantonese, consists of delicacies like Braised Duck, Abalone, Baby Lobster, Tiger Prawn, Hotate Scallop together with some sides such as Shiitake, Yam, Carrot, and Broccoli. The whole duck is prepared using special braised paste with aromatics and seasonings to make the most tender yet delicious duck meat that everyone will love. Best served with hot fragrant rice and maybe with a bunch of families or friends! WOW…

Then, if you look closely in the picture, there is another smaller bowl called the “Sichuan Baby Lobster” which was cooked by Chef based from Sichuan, China using dedicated Mala (spicy) paste. It tastes a bit hot spice so is best suited for those who love spicy! Awesome taste!

*We do also have a Mini Poon Choi that is portable for takeaway. Feel free to PM us for more!

4) Exclusive Gift Box – The Foodie Box

Not to forget to check out our latest IG trending item! We have come out with Limited CNY Red Packaging to make the New Year vibes more vibrant. All the cover of the boxes is made up using CNY symbolic characters like Fu (Blessing), Fa (Fortune), Xing (Blossom), and Wang (Prosperity). These are meant to bring good vibes to the people who receive the gift. Feel free to check out our Foodie Box menu here.

5) Foodie Box for Corporate

No more boring Zoom meetings! Have some fun at home without going to the workplace. Use it for lunch, training, meeting, annual dinner, or perhaps a virtual party. The virtual party allows people to enjoy the same food at the same time but in different places through the screens. Get Foodie Box Corporate Edition now!

6) Prosperity Toss / Yee Sang

Perhaps this is the most exciting moment for the people during CNY especially the kids. The toss or commonly known as Yee Sang or Lou Sang in Cantonese that symbolic “tossing up good fortune”. Thus, Yee Sang is always believed to be the “starter pack” activity at any family gathering or any dinner occasion. Pro Tips: They said, “the higher the toss, the better your prospects and fortune in the year ahead.”


We hope this article has given you enough ideas on how to celebrate your CNY 2021! Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. We wish you have a wonderful Chinese New Year ahead! Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

*If you would like to know more about the items mentioned in the article, do not hesitate to contact us or fill in the form at the bottom.

**All our foods are Muslim-friendly so it can be shared among all Malaysians!

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RunningMen has been my partner of choice for the last 3 years. They have provided me and my team with the best-in-class service. Their flexibility, creativity, and willingness to meet our ever-changing have been an essential part of our partnership. Their food has always been superb and their professionalism is beyond compare!

Alvin Vasquez Rodriguez

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Being in the corporate world, we tend to have lots of food requests, and RunningMen has been great in meeting our requests. With a mix of modern and traditional foods, RunningMen gives a 5-star service with a varied choice of food.

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RunningMen service was fast and efficient. The food was tasty, high quality, and very well portion. They even had a healthy food version just to cater to us.

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It was our greatest pleasure to have RunningMen as our food provider. They have been answering our enquiries promptly when I ask on the menus and also patient enough to meet our needs and requests. Memang Terbaik!

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Arrived on time, neat packaging and very beautiful container. Food was excellent and delicious, not so ordinary like other caterers. The staff is great too, very attentive to all the help and needs. Superb Service! Highly recommended 👍

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Their team has been kind and experienced to explain each and all the types of catering buffet options. It was our greatest pleasure to have RunningMen as our caterer. We received good feedback from our guests. The dessert bar setup was gorgeous! 👍

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Truly impressed with their service! The food arrived on time and the setup was very fast despite the heavy rain. The food served was still warm and the food was delicious. Many of our guests liked the food. Thank you for the great services!

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