Struggling to Plan a Birthday Celebration in Office? Not Anymore!

colleagues planning birthday in office

During the meeting, it was announced that one of your colleagues is having a birthday next week.

By luck or by chance, you end up on the party planning committee (in the office, heh). BUT – you are unsure of what the birthday boy/girl likes, or even eats!

You think and you think, but at the end of the day, you’ve come up empty-handed. The birthday is drawing near, and you still don’t have a plan…

What can I do? I don’t even know them that well!

Calm down and take a deep breath, maybe take a sip of water while you’re at it. We understand that planning an office birthday for your colleague is never easy!

colleague struggling to plan a birthday in the office

So, here – let us take a look at 3 simple tips on how to plan an office birthday:

It offers you the chance to catch up with otherwise unfamiliar colleagues, and also a moment of simplicity in this busy life of ours (plus, who could say no to free lunch?).

Don’t forget to take extra care in keeping your office clean, and consider if the meal is suitable for everyone (easier said than done, really).

What you need, is something memorable, something special, something unique; to remember you by (like ugh, I spent days planning this for you and you don’t know who I am-).

If only there’s something that fits all the above … wait, there IS!

Okay so like, if you have read this far, you probably are struggling to hold an office birthday (been there few too many times myself…).

I don’t want to say that we have the perfect item for you … but we do!

Our Bento Meal Box can solve all the above issues, and yet more! You might be wondering at this point, “eh, but bento meals are like … common?”.

You would be right about the usual bento – but not OUR bento!

As it should be, our Bento Boxes contain a filling and delicious meal, perfect to uplift your mood after a morning spent in the office!

But what makes it truly special, is that we are able to fulfil any demands and special requests that you might have!

Lastly, we provide a convenient and efficient packing, saving you the prepping and clean-up time after enjoying your meal!

All of those perks, are contained within our humble Bento Meal Boxes!

You want to customise a wishing card in every box? We’ll do it.

You want to mix noodle and rice? Bit uncommon, but we’ll do it.

You want the food to arrive at midnight sharp? Okay why – but, hey we’ll do it!

But, how can you have a birthday without a cake?

We’ve got you covered! Our Bento Meals pair especially well with our dessert selections.

From strudels to box cakes, to macarons, to even pavlova cakes; we’ve got it all! Excellent for after-meal chatters or special occasions, nothing beats a sweet bite that shows just how much you care!

For a limited time, you could also get a Pavlova Cake for Free! If that’s not a great deal, I don’t know what is!

Not to mention, our strudel selection comes with eight different flavours – both common and unique ones (like rose-lychee. Yum!).

Sounds too good to be true? That’s because it is!

Hey-up! We from RunningMen Catering pride ourselves on being able to offer a premium dining experience, whenever and wherever you are.

With our bento boxes, we are truly raising the standard on office meals, and we can’t wait to serve you to the best of our extent!

If you’re after such an amazing experience yourself, click the button below or the WhatsApp icon on the bottom-right corner, and we’ll get in touch!

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