Have You Seen Our New Dessert Line-up?

Have You Seen Our New Dessert Line-up?

That’s right! Perfect for morning boosters, high-tea titbits, or late-night indulgences (even as main courses for the daring!), we are of course talking about dessert!

As passionate dessert lovers ourselves, we know how hard it is sometimes to find the perfect dessert food.

With that, we have launched a brand-new dessert menu, that we know we will enjoy eating!

Well? Show me the new desserts!

Without further ado, introducing our latest range of sweet treats (cue drum roll!):

Strudel-loo: a strudel combo of eight individual flavours such as strawberry, chocolate, rose-lychee, matcha red bean, and more!

Bomb-boloni: a box of bombolone that’s designed to create an explosion of flavour, filled with classics such as strawberry and chocolate; but also new ones like matcha and oreo!

Bon Appé-Tart: a fruit tart feast with crispy crust and fluffy fillings. With generous blueberry, peach, kiwi, and strawberry toppings, it is designed to provide for a satisfying bite!

Pâte Pastiche: a fantastic assortment of some of the most popular confections, coming with pavlovas, box cakes, cream puffs, and macarons! Can’t say no to a big box of beautiful desserts, eh?

Hmm, what else do you offer other than the desserts?

If our new array of desserts is not impressive enough, take a look at some of our promises behind the sweetness!

Unlike the dessert, our promises are not sugar-coated, so rest assured!

We understand that a picture is worth a thousand words. So, all our Foodie Box is naturally Instagram-worthy. It has never been easier to make your followers jealous! (Ahem, um no, definitely not speaking from experience…)

Oh, and just in case I wasn’t being clear (and I do apologise), our desserts come with many different varieties. So many varieties, that they would appeal to all dessert lovers, and we mean it.

For those worried about overwhelming sweetness, all of them are well-balanced to strike the perfect symphony in your mouth. Say goodbye to guilty pleasures and welcome only pleasure!

Sweet! (Yup, pun fully intended) So, what’s next?

Whoever and wherever you are, our brand-new dessert menu guarantees your satisfaction! Parties, event functions, gatherings, or a simple craving, there is no better choice than our dessert.

At the end of that, we are very excited about this new launch, and we look forward to seeing the sweet delight it would bring to all of you!

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From all of us here at RunningMen Catering, may you feast the sweet!

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