May You Have The Best of Fortune and Prosperity A-Plenty This Chinese New Year!

We hope you’re amped up and raring to take on the beginning of a new lunar year!

But to do so, you need energy – or food!

To aid you on your quest, we have specially curated a selection of dishes available only for this festive season!

Whether you are at home, in the office, or at a public function – we guarantee there’s something you’d take a fancy in!

Know more about our seasonal dishes below!

CNY Catering Package

We understand that sometimes, all you need is a no-hassle, no-trouble, and no-problem meal. So we’ve got you covered with our CNY catering packages!

Filling, satisfying, and ultimately delicious! To serve your entire party up to 50 pax, our catering packages are your first choice!

Yup, okay – you want the food, right! Let’s just get straight into it then!

This year we have curated 3 special catering packages with classic Chinese dishes, some even with a unique twist!

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CNY Yee Sang

Of course, we can’t leave out one of the staples of every Chinese New Year, the Prosperity Toss, also known as Yee Sang!

With classic and new ingredients alike such as crackers, fried yam, spice and ginger powder – we are introducing a refreshing twist while keeping true to our roots!

To bring you even greater fortune: For a limited time, we are offering free Yee Sang plate with any order with a minimum of RM500!

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CNY Bento Meal Box

Now don’t we got a surprise for you!

This year, we are launching our new theme line of CNY Bento Meal Box, featuring Hong-Kong-cafe inspired designs!

But, theme aside! I’m sure you can’t wait for our bento meal selection this year.

… And oh, do we have the selection!

With 11 different Bento menu items ranging from noodles to rice, from chicken to fish, we are confident in appeasing all of you!

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CNY Foodie Box

Of course, who could forget our signature Foodie Box?

The solution to a boring party! Our Foodie Box is beautifully arranged and presented, so anyone can take stunning pictures of the food!

To satisfy even the biggest eaters among your guests (or you), our Foodie Box is large portioned so you never have to worry about running out of food!

For the pickiest eaters, we offer up to 20 different cuisines, ranging from Dessert, Japanese, Korean, to Western! Simply pick and enjoy!

Best for sharing around the table and enjoying the time together. Heh, maybe you’ll even find yourself in a new relationship from the food-sharing!

Our people’s favourite choices are still widely available during this CNY, so order away to your heart’s extent!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Hey-up! There’s all the reason to celebrate the beginning of a new year with those you love!

Take a deep breath, muster up all the new year spirit and festivity – and get ready for an amazing party with our food!

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