CNY Bento Meal Box 2022

This year, we are launching our new theme line of CNY Bento Meal Box, featuring Hong-Kong-cafe inspired designs!

But, theme aside! I’m sure you can’t wait for our bento meal selection this year.

… And oh, do we have the selection!

With 11 different Bento menu items ranging from noodles to rice, from chicken to fish, we are confident in appeasing all of you!

Our Bento Meal Box is Perfect For … ?

Before we get to our new lineup this year, let’s get a better understanding on what our bento meal box offers!

So! Our Bento Meal Box is an individual meal pack suitable for large pax events, functions, or office celebrations.

Each meal box is considerately packed so that you can focus on the food in front of you without having to worry about things like spillage, presentation, and delivery.

Are you more interested now? Take a closer look at our 3 CNY bento collections this year!

CNY Classic Bento

First up is our CNY classic bento. We have 6 different bento meal this year:

  • Golden Nasi Lemak Meal: Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken & Condiments, Box Drink & Dessert
  • Golden Spicy Meal: Green Rice with Sambal Chicken & Vegetable of the Day, Box Drink & Dessert
  • Golden Salted Egg Meal: Fragrant Rice with Salted Egg Chicken & Vegetable of the Day, Box Drink & Dessert
  • Abundance Fish Meal: Fried Rice with Sweet N Sour Fish & Vegetable of the Day, Box Drink & Dessert
  • Bountiful Pasta Meal: Spaghetti Bolognese with Fried Chicken & Coleslaw, Box Drink & Dessert
  • Harmonious Vege Meal: Nasi Lemak with Mixed Vegetable & Condiments, Box Drink & Dessert

CNY Premium Bento

WHO SAYS FOOD CAN’T BE FUN!? Our CNY premium bento is the perfect example!

This year 2022, we are donning a Hong-Kong-styled café design. With a specially customised meal box fully garnished with a high-quality meal box and solid inserts, you can bet on it delivering a never-before dining experience!

  • Prosperity Fish Set: Prosperity Pumpkin Rice Silver Anchovies / Good Fortune Salt & pepper Fish Fillet / Classic Fatt Choy Loh Hon Zai / Portuguese Tart / Bottled Drink
  • Fortune Feast Set: Longevity Shanghai Noodles with Chinese Green and Minced Chicken / Prosperity Fried Boneless Chicken in King Sauce / Classic Fatt Choy Loh Hon Zai / Portuguese Tart / Bottled Drink
  • Prosperity Chicken Set: Prosperity Sweet Corn Rice Silver Anchovies / Creamy Curry Buttered Mayo Chicken / Classic Fatt Choy Loh Hon Zai / Portuguese Tart / Bottled Drink
  • Eastern Abundance Set: Spaghetti Napolitana Sauce / Grilled Chicken Chop / Coleslaw / Portuguese Tart / Bottled Drink
  • Vege-Wealth Set (Vegetarian): Prosperity Sweet Corn Rice / Asian Style Vegetarian Chicken Buttered Mayo / Classic Fatt Choy Loh Hon Zai / Portuguese Tart / Bottled Drink

Oh BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! Aside from food, we have prepared something even more special – a game for all!

CNY Bingo Party

Inside each CNY premium bento is an envelope with a special game card, so you can say goodbye to awkward post-meal silences!

Offering the perfect chance to strengthen the bond among all colleagues with a fun little game!

Want to know more? Watch the video above!

CNY Exclusive Bento

Finally, at the top of our Bento lineup this CNY! With an executive packaging and design to match: our CNY exclusive bento is perfect for gift-giving!

Want to surprise your boss or team leader for their support throughout the year (and perhaps get on their good side for the rest of the year)? This is for you!

Sporting the ultimate dining experience with highest quality of dishes:

  • Prosperity Sweet Corn Baked Rice Silver Anchovies
  • Fried Chicken Boneless with King Sauce
  • Asian-Styled Butter Fried Fish Fillet Tossed with Curry Leaf
  • Four Season Seafood Rolls with Dip
  • Chicken Lobak with Thai Dip
  • Broccoli with Baby Abalone
  • Tong Shui (Boiled White Fungus, Red Dates Dessert)
  • Butterfly Pea Flower Mochi (Black Sesame and Peanut)

Happy Chinese New Year

Hey-up! There’s all the reason to celebrate the beginning of a new year with those you love!

Take a deep breath, muster up all the new year spirit and festivity – and get ready for an amazing party with our food!

To order your Chinese New Year food, simply fill in the form below or click the WhatsApp icon at the bottom-right corner, and we’ll get in touch!

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