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Introducing Our 520 Valentine Packages of 2021

You may be asking what is this “520 day” that so many Chinese are excited about? 520 is a short form of the day of May 20; and, this date is another Valentine’s Day holiday origin from China. This date is Valentine’s Day because “520” sounds phonetically very close to “Wo Ai Ni” or “I Love You” in Chinese.

One fascinating fact about May 20 day is that it actually has nothing to do with China’s long history nor customary practices; and, it is more of a product from commercial promotions in China that begins in the 21st century. This day is merely China’s Internet Valentine’s Day every year, which implies “I (5) love (2) you (0)” in Chinese.

To make 520 a romantic day, we have come out with a fusion package made up of Japanese and Korean cuisine.

Our Japanese box has the best and authentic chicken/salmon teriyaki where the skin is crispy and crackly. It also comes with Grab Stick Salad, Cheese Tamago Furai, Salmon Mentai Sushi, and Unagi Sushi. Not only that, our Korean box has the most unique yet true flavourful Korean recipe sauces like garlic and sweet sauce. All these recipes are developed by our Korean chef for the Chicken Wing & Drumlets. You also get other Korean authentic dishes like Tuna Rice Burger, Onion Ring, Toppoki, Kimchi & Salad. We always believe in giving the best food and service to our beloved customers so you will get the most Juicy, Crispy, and Flavorful Korean Fried Chicken!

There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.

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When you want to express your love on this special day, sending a typical gift might not do. We understand at this critical time you can’t go out for fine dining nor shopping around. This is why we have prepared something special for you and your loved one. It’s just like Valentine’s Day! Send a heartfelt gift to surprise your loved one, arrange a nice cozy dinner. Our packages have everything you need to set the vibes.

Creating your moments together with 50Gram

grand pink aurora flower bouquet from 50gram

The most popular gift on 520 is absolutely the flower bouquets. This is why we chose to work with famous floral artisans – 50Gram. Pink Aurora is said to bring the Aura of love for the lovers. It was made using imported big-size Carnation, roses, and hydration. The flowers are handcrafted fresh flowers directly from them and the best thing is you will get both food and flowers at once. With this, you can say Wo Ai Ni (I Love You) to your loved one with exquisite 520 flowers & amazing food.

Wrap Up

In short, May 20 is more important as a day of opportunity for men to express their romantic love for girls. That means ladies expect to receive gifts or “angpau” on this day. Hence why perhaps you should try some ways to spread more love to your girl on 20 May!

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RunningMen has been my partner of choice for the last 3 years. They have provided me and my team with the best-in-class service. Their flexibility, creativity, and willingness to meet our ever-changing have been an essential part of our partnership. Their food has always been superb and their professionalism is beyond compare!

Alvin Vasquez Rodriguez

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Being in the corporate world, we tend to have lots of food requests, and RunningMen has been great in meeting our requests. With a mix of modern and traditional foods, RunningMen gives a 5-star service with a varied choice of food.

Domaise Lew

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RunningMen service was fast and efficient. The food was tasty, high quality, and very well portion. They even had a healthy food version just to cater to us.

Paresh Subramaniyam

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It was our greatest pleasure to have RunningMen as our food provider. They have been answering our enquiries promptly when I ask on the menus and also patient enough to meet our needs and requests. Memang Terbaik!

Kamir Smith

Operation Head of Hub Machinery Sdn Bhd

Arrived on time, neat packaging and very beautiful container. Food was excellent and delicious, not so ordinary like other caterers. The staff is great too, very attentive to all the help and needs. Superb Service! Highly recommended 👍

Tan Hui Ying

Marketing Executive of DYLON Holdings Bhd

Their team has been kind and experienced to explain each and all the types of catering buffet options. It was our greatest pleasure to have RunningMen as our caterer. We received good feedback from our guests. The dessert bar setup was gorgeous! 👍

Yuki Lim

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Truly impressed with their service! The food arrived on time and the setup was very fast despite the heavy rain. The food served was still warm and the food was delicious. Many of our guests liked the food. Thank you for the great services!

Yu Xing

Managing Director of Alsaka Auto Parts Bhd

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