3 Wedding Proposal Tips That Will Make Her Say “Yes I Do”!

I’m sure your friends are very excited … but, are you? Planning a wedding proposal is never easy.

There are a lot to take into consideration; such as the time, venue, and most importantly, the person!

As such, it could take weeks, months, and for some even years of planning and coordinating! Geez, what a romantic struggle!

HOWEVER, I’m sure it’ll be totally worth it when the moment finally arrives, and when you marry the love of your life!

So, to help you get there, here are some tips to make her say “Yes, I do!” (keep reading, there’s a bonus tip at the end of the article!)

First up – Dress to Impress!

Here in Malaysia, a lot of engaged couples break up because of the stresses faced during the planning stage!

… okay okay, it might not have been A LOT, but the stress is definitely undeniable.

The last thing you want is to crumble under pressure while you are trying to say the most important line of your entire life.

What we are sure would help though, is seeing your bride all dolled-up, and vice versa.

Imagine that you are stuck in a bundle of nerves, just then, your destined one walks through the door in the most beautiful dress you’ve ever seen.

Worries be gone as you meet her eyes, and she meet yours!

smart couple proposing in a veranda in the garden
Image by kaodim.com

After all, nothing says “I’m prepared to take care of you for the rest of our lives!” more than a smartly dressed groom on one knee with a tear in his eye.

Ooh, even I’m getting the shivers!

Secondly – Surprise the Bride!

Can you feel the mood yet? If not, here’s something special to help you set the mood!

By surprising her, we don’t mean jumping out of a bush. Surprise sure, but you’re also on the fast track to lose your love (and reputation to some extent).

One of the most important items in a proposal is – the ring! BUT! We are here to tell you that you don’t necessarily need a ring!

unique four leaf clover gift for wedding proposal
Image by weddbook.com

Any special memento that recalls a shared moment can make it ever-so unique. Maybe it’s a pot of plant, a plate of food, maybe even a piece of writing (a good ol’ poem gets the job done)!

For extra points, slowly bring out the memento, then read out your prepared short speech on how important she is to you.

Wow, okay, I’m actually getting teary eyed now…

Finally – A Meal Makes It Merrier!

A wedding proposal without food is INCOMPLETE! It is like wearing only a single sock, like a pen running out of ink, like a phone that never charges to 100%!

If all goes well, and she says “Yes, I do”, congratulations! So what now?

Do you go home; do you stay; or do you start chatting?

Well, it’s an ENTIRELY different story if you have food prepared at your proposal!

Since everyone is there, you can all enjoy a wonderful meal together, while the newly-engaged fawn over each other!

Luckily for you, our Foodie Box is exactly what you need!

[Sobs] What a perfect proposal!

… And Now For the Bonus Tip!

It goes without saying, but make sure your guests could attend the event!

Well, if romantic and tender is what you are going for, then by all means less people is better.

But if you are planning an event, invite at least both your families and some close friends to help cheer you up!

Congratulations in Advance from Us!

Hey-up! We truly hope that we could have helped with the tips above!

Whether or not you succeed in your wedding proposal, we sincerely wish that you would find the love of your life, and spend the rest of your life with them!

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