They never shut up about food, like ever…

Seriously, like, I’m not even joking. They live and breathe food.

Oh, who are “they”? Well, my friends, today we are taking a closer look at a group of professionals widely known as “caterers”.

Eh, what does a caterer even do?

You might ask “Okay, but everyone talks about food, what makes them different?”, and you would be correct in asking.

So, let me share a little bit about what we do.

From the time we wake up, to the time we go to bed, we find ourselves talking about food and food only.

Our favourite time of day? Lunch time!

Our favourite question? Eh people, what to eat today?

Our favourite hobby? EATING!

To prepare for a catering function, a professional caterer (such as one from our in-house team) starts with designing the feast with our clients according to budget, food preference, location, and number of guests.

Then, they go on to scheduling a food tasting session in order to guarantee the top tier quality of food, before finalising the operation details, and finally delivering to our guests.

So … how does it go from our kitchen to your doorstep?

On any normal day in our lives, there are tens to hundreds of boxes of food going out to our customers (mad respect and shoutouts to our abang and akak delivery).

Once an order is placed, our kitchen will prep the ingredients ahead of time and … not cook the food?

HA! As if we would ever cook our food early and let it sit alone in the kitchen (no one likes to be alone, not even our food).

… okay, okay, in all seriousness, the order is cooked immediate before the scheduled delivery time to ensure that the food is still piping hot when it reaches our customers! Whoo-wee, who doesn’t like food that warms your stomach (and heart)?

But we are far from done;

From then on, your dining experience with our professional catering service is just getting started…

Wait … experience? It’s just food, what do you mean by “experience”?

Hehe, you are in for a treat (pun intended).

Here at RunningMen Catering, we focus on delivering not just the food for your function, but also a dining experience in itself.

delicious, tasty lobster in catering meal food box

Ever feel like sharing your meal on your social media but they all look “meh”?Well not anymore, gone are the days of heavy food photoshopping! ALL our meal boxes are carefully designed and arranged, letting you take absolutely banging pictures!

Oh, you’re worried about the food arriving late issit? Worry not, we offer 24/7 food delivery services throughout Klang Valley. To avoid the awkward moments while waiting for your meal to arrive, simply schedule your desired time with us. It’s really that simple!

Do you have picky friends each wanting to eat different foods? Easily stop their quarrel as well with our meal boxes, now with as many cuisines and food variety as you could ever want. Korean, Japanese, Western – you name it, we have it!

korean fried chicken in catering meal food box

… And how could I ever forget about the most famous person in any party – the BIG-EATER. Not enough food for the rest of your esteemed guests? ALL our meal boxes come with a large portioned serving. Perfectly catering to the larger amount of people at your special function.

Well, at the end of that, we believe that delivery meals are never boring. Exactly because of this, we pride ourselves in providing the utmost experience when it comes to eating – whenever you are.

Thanks, that’s good to know! So, what’s next?

Hey-up! With all that, I hope that you understand us a little bit more now. To catch up on our latest promotions and sales, drop by our Facebook or Instagram page!

Oh and before I forget, if you ever feel like customising your own dining experience with us, click the button below to reach out. Our team is always happy to serve you to the best of our abilities!

Don’t worry, we won’t bite!

(… unless you look really delicious …)

P/S: These fellas are so passionate that they always bring food into the office and eat all day long, very distracting one leh…

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