Raya 2022

Look out! Here comes the most interactive catering service for all your company’s celebratory needs this Raya season!

Check out our new Raya food series with engaging activities, guaranteed to deliver an explosion of Malay culture and interactivity among your guests!

Event Not Meeting Your Expectation

Spent lots of time and effort (and budget) but always failed to improve engagement among guests?

They Only Care About

The Food

Other caterers keep leaving you on read and delay your planning? You’re not even sure if they could plan an event!

Feeling Like The Event Doesn’t Matter

They come, they eat, they leave. Are you struggling to break the event flow to create something unique and interesting?

Professional Event Caterers

Plan engaging activities for your occasions! From beginning to the end, from the foods to services – leave it to us!

Exclusive Account Manager

Guiding you with our detailed proposals, including product, services, and benefits. Have any customisation you need done? Consider it done!

Personalised Proposal

Themes to suit your every occasion. You tell us the requirements, we fulfil them for you! Full customisation to reach your end goal!

The Most Interactive Bento : Raya UniQ Box

Raya UniQ Box X Batik

This holy Raya season, our new UniQ box heavily features joyfulness, interactivity, and a sense of ceremony! To better achieve that, we integrate batik with our UniQ Box to bring a whole new experience to you, our dear customers.

Main Objective of Batik Activities

Batik activities encourage creative thinking, develop team-building, and stress-relief in workplace. For big fans of food and art alike – please look forward to the Raya UniQ Box, arriving on your doorstep very soon!

A Variety of Malay Cuisines

Feast your eyes (and stomach) on our specially prepared full course meal, featuring a variety of Malay cuisines! Not only that, the inclusive batik activity is sure to bring your whole family together!

“Balik Kampung” Raya Grand Buffet

Raya Grand Buffet Line 2022

Do you miss home? Get an emotional ride back home this holy month, with our Raya Grand Buffet, featuring a much-needed ‘balik kampung’ theme!

Raya experience that bring back memories

We understand that it can be tough to work away from your homes. To celebrate with you, we are launching the brand new theme to really make you feel the warmth of finally arriving home!

Fully Customisable Raya Buffet

Full meals, side dishes, light snacks, we have it all! We even offer assorted beverages!
Choose your own decorations, food, and theme. Make your own unique catering event in this Raya!

Keep It Casual? Here’s Our Others Selection

There’s Always Something For Everyone — Raya Basic Bento

Not to fret if you are simply looking to satisfy your hunger! Our new line of Raya basic bentos highlights traditional and delicious Malay cuisines, guaranteed to hit that itch on your tongue!

Raya Mini Buffet Catering

Celebrate this Raya with our new Mini Buffet Catering series, now available in 3 different menus! Best choice for more than 10 pax.

Whether you’re in the office, at home, or at any event functions – our Raya catering line is sure to best serve you!


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