Halloween in 2021: Comfort food for the holiday

The spooky season is once again upon us. That’s right! From pumpkins to skeletons, and everything in between – Halloween has made its annual return!

Here in Malaysia, there might not be too big a celebration for the holiday. But don’t let that stop you, here are some titbits (pun intended) to accompany you through the chilly night!

Brief Origin of Halloween

The festive is actually tied to the celebration of All Hallows’ Day, which used to be called “Samhain”, and happens on the 1st of November in ancient Celtic (Britain and Ireland) culture.

From there, the name “Halloween” is actually an abbreviation of All Hallows’ Eve, being on the 31st of October – the day before All Hallows’ Day.

That eerie day was thought to be the start of winter, when the souls of the dead either return to the living world or pass on to the next (ooh, haunting!).

In contemporary era, the fall harvest fused with the festive, leading to the use of pumpkin and other seasonal crops as decorations and symbols.

Shocking! Who would’ve thought that was how pumpkin was involved?

So, what’s up with all the dress-ups and trick-or-treating?

But wait, why do people dress up in scary costumes and go around the neighbourhood asking for treats?

Well, remember how the souls are (supposed to be) coming home on that day?

Come home, they said;

It’ll be fun, they said.

… I don’t think they WERE expecting a rotting skeleton.

Turns out in the olden days, people wore disguises and prepare fires to hide themselves from the roaming spirits as well as for the winter.

So that explains the costume part. Still, what about the treats?

Trick-or-treating actually traces back to the old practices of guising and souling, which saw children and adults alike performing, or praying for others for food.

Eventually, it transformed into the modern practice of putting on a costume and asking for treats.

And FINALLY, let’s talk about the seasonal foods!

Hey, speaking of which, what a coincidence! I hope you’re hungry, because now that you’re all read up, let’s move into our favourite topic: FOOD! (it’s what you came for eh, eh?)

As you can probably guess, the seasonal foods revolve around the fall harvest, bringing you warm and cosy dishes made from apple, pumpkin, oh – and also corn.

Few notable examples would be apple bread, pumpkin pie, and caramel corn. Ooh, I can almost smell the spices here from behind my screen! (I can feel myself getting hungrier as I write, and I just had my lunch…)

In true Halloween fashion, the seasonal dishes are typically roasted or baked to provide for the warmth in anticipation of the upcoming winter climate.

Hey! If you’re interested in getting a piece of the action yourself, why not drop by this wonderful and simple tutorial to make your own apple bread?

Besides, what a perfect timing since it falls on a Sunday! Doesn’t hurt to have some fun in the kitchen with your friends and family once in a while, right?

It’s going to be a fun-filled Halloween! So, what’s next?

Hey-up! At the end of that, all of us here at RunningMen Catering wishes you a very happy Halloween and happy holiday. We are still operating throughout the holiday though, so don’t worry about not being able to get your Foodie Box fix!

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