🔥 New Launch – Foodie Box

Wondering what to eat for party? Stop thinking! Order the [Foodie Box] right now and have your guests WOW!

Korean Chicken Box

✅ 【Korean Chicken Box 】 Comes with 3 flavours:
1️⃣ #Sweet&Spicy – Max Enjoyment!
2️⃣ #Cripsy – With specially-made [Salty Egg Sauce] !
3️⃣ #Garlic – Feel like your Garlic Bread!

Sushi Box

✅ 【Japanese Sushi Box】
1️⃣ Ready for 10~12 people to enjoy! You heard me right! This big box is ready for everyone! Eat up to 6 slices each person!

2️⃣ Salmon Unagi… Pricey? No worries! All your loves in one box! Maximum values, maximum savings!

Snackie Box

✅ 【Snackie Box】
1️⃣ Everyone likes different taste! That’s why we prepared various flavours for your preferences! We got Wedges, Onion Ring, Wafer Fries, Chicken Finger, Fried Chicken Wings and more!

2️⃣ Sauces – is as important as the main dish! Our Sauce is #specially-made! Lemonade Mayonaise and Spice Thousand Island! The taste is so awesome good! There will be more and more special #foodiebox coming to you. Stay tuned!

Weekend is on-the-way!No more waiting!#Gathering #BirthdayParty #FamilyGathering #Catering ? It is time to gather with your loved ones!