Changes You Can Expect in 2022: Malaysian Food Industry Edition.

No doubt. A lot has happened in the past year, and not all of them are to be proud of. Nonetheless, we think 2022 will be different (as we do every year), along with some changes in our food industry.

Anyway, 2021 has taught the food industry a valuable lesson – that daily operation should not be limited by conventional methods.

Since, we have seen numerous inventions including new cloud kitchens, more efficient food-ordering apps, and even new menus to go with the portability trend.

So, let’s take a look at what’s in store for us in the coming year, and how it could improve daily efficiency!

Delivery is the new king!

It has been getting more and more popular, but ever since MCO last year, who can deny the prowess of food delivery?

Not us – that’s for sure!

With more and more food delivery services popping out of thin air seemingly every day, your options are near infinite!

Not only do we have to think of what to eat,

But now also how to eat?

The future is terrifying for us foodies…

The ability to send food wherever you are is astonishing enough by itself, now that competition is getting fiercer, we can look forward to even greater accessibility.

Whew, getting hungrier as I write!

Who doesn’t like better combo deals?

We are moving into an era of food greatness. As more and more food choices appear, the industry is leaning towards collaborations.

What this means for everyone is that: there’s a chance you could get all your favourite food from the same place!

For hesitant eaters everywhere, this is absolutely good news as they now have their choices made for them.

To a certain extent, this results in increased value as we are able to get more at a smaller cost!

Imagine eating two meals at the price of one, starting from 2022 onward!

Higher standard of packaging I’d say!

This might seem unimportant to most, but I’d say it is one of the most important parts of the dining experience!

“But I just want my food…” Okay, I know I know! Stay with me just for a little more alright!

The usual flow goes: you get your food, you unwrap/unbox, and you eat. Simple meal, no fuss, no hassle.

When we add just a little more design and thoughts into the packaging…

Now when you unwrap/unbox, you are welcomed by a nice small gift, or beautiful arrangement of food, which you would then proceed to enjoy.

premium packaging of bento box with food

A small interlude, sure, but a deeply meaningful one!

Here’s to a happy 2022!

Hey, who knows what the next year will hold? But, all these point towards a better upcoming year for the food industry.

As we close the year on a good note, expect some big changes from us as we bring a greater dining experience to you in 2022!

We hope all your troubles and worries are left in this year – and embrace the new year with a fresh mindset!

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