Why It’s a Good Idea to Celebrate Christmas in The Office?

Now that December is slowly approaching, no doubt you are hard-pressed trying to decide how to celebrate Christmas this year.

But hey, look around you … at your colleagues, at your work desk, at the meeting room … I bet you’re thinking that you could do with a little more energy.

Thing is: for an average working adult, we spend most of our time in the office. (sad but true my friend…)

So! Why not make it into something more? Perhaps it would be the perfect opportunity to know a little bit more about the people around you!

Christmas in the office? How do I even go about it?

Thinking about it. I’m pretty sure you are not the only one considering a Christmas celebration in the office.

colleagues celebrating christmas party

Bring up the idea with your colleagues, you’d be surprised to know just how many of them would agree! (I could use a celebration … [sigh] well, where was I?)

At the end, everyone deserves a well-earned break, and what better excuse- I mean opportunity- um, to take a break!

Of course – we understand that it could sometimes be difficult to bring up ideas in the workplace, so …

Here are some pros to a Christmas celebration in the office! (that you could use to persuade your superior or colleagues!)

First up …

Who needs team building when you can have a Christmas party?

For the more value-oriented leaders, this is the best one to start off with!

Sharing a meal together is always a good bonding event. Just imagine everyone happily munching on some delightful food, not a worry to be seen in the office.

Heh, you might even come across some comments you wouldn’t hear otherwise!

The best thing is: when you’ve done it once, you’d create a different atmosphere in the office. The place that used to only be a workplace is now also a place to have fun!

christmas party food in a box on a table

Trust me when I say that it will make a lasting impact on the employees, improving their morale for months to come.

Plus …

There’s no better time to show your appreciation.

Christmas is one of the biggest holidays in the year! Not only is it the end of year, but it is also the financial year end for most companies.

colleagues celebrating christmas with christmas tree

What this means, is that you are aware of what your colleagues, or employees, have achieved in the past year! (a lot I hope!)

Whether or not they have helped you in those times, it is still nice to tell them you care.

In conjunction with the Christmas spirit, gifts exchange is an excellent way to do exactly that!

You could give them a new journal book, a new thermal bottle, maybe a mug with their faces printed on the side!

(eh, maybe, not the last item … maybe)

Finally …

You know you want to take a break!

Whew, Christmas time is resting time! Look, we are all looking forward to taking a break from all this daily hassle.

So you see, one of the biggest things holding the office back from a Christmas celebration, is the efforts required during preparation.

However, how hard could it be when you already have most things ready?

You already have the venue and guests! All you need are some decorations and food on that day!

… And by venue and guests I mean office and colleagues. Okay cool.

A tiny amount of work and planning for a day full of enjoyment and bonding at the office? Well worth it, says I!

It is time to be lazy- I mean take a break- um, in the office together! Besides, free meal is always a good idea heh?

Are you ready? Let’s start prepping for Christmas!

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