9 Top Tips To Choose The Right Caterer For Your Event

Canapes Catering for DHL Asia Pacific in-house event

When planning a grand event, whether a wedding or a non-wedding event, the first decision that needs to be taken is choosing the right catering company. Guests gracing the occasion have high hopes for the event and food and drinks served at the “do” occupy the top spot. The success and failure of an event largely depend on the quality of the food served. If you are planning a lovely event, here we bring you the top 9 to be checked out and follow tips to help you to make the right caterer choice. 

  1. Ask friends and relatives

The most important tip when looking for the right caterers is to ask around among your friends’ circle and relatives. If any of them have visited an elegant event recently and were particularly impressed by catering services, you will save a lot of time finding the name of the caterer. You can just get in touch with the service provider and take things forward. 

  1. Catering Specialties

Every caterer specializes in wedding or non-wedding, corporate or any other event. If you are looking for the best corporate catering services, you must look for a caterer who specializes in corporate events. Some caterers excel in every event and can create a perfect spread depending on the occasion.

  1. Check Experience

If you have narrowed down several options that have not been used before, ask for their portfolio and experience before hiring their services. At the same time, there is no need to shy away from using the services of first-timers as they will do a good job as a lot is riding on bagging your project.

Forest Themed Buffet Catering for Nu Skin Enterprises’s Family Day Event
  1. Seek References

Ask the caterer for references and contact those references to get first-hand opinions about what they think of the catering services you are planning to use. You can also check reviews and testimonials on the service provider’s website and see if you can rely on them and engage their services. 

  1. Ask for a quote

It is always good to keep things clear and ask the caterer for a quote. If the prices he is quoting value for money and within your budget, you can go ahead and engage his services. Conversely, if you think that the prices being quoted are unfair, you can move on to the next service provider on your list.

  1. Go for a tasting session

Whether a catering service provider is experienced or a first-timer, it is always better to sample and taste the food. This will help you decide if the food whipped up by him is right as per the nature of the event.

Boba DIY Bar for Shopee 9.9 Countdown Event
  1. Sign a Contract

Go through the fine lines of the contract before signing it as it will help ensure transparency between you and the service provider about services on offer by the caterer. You can add a clause about what happens in case you are not happy and satisfied with the food quality and serving.

  1. Discuss at Length

Many people look for something truly distinctive and unique in their event fare. They must discuss their precise expectations and what they are looking for with the caterer at length. Negotiations with the caterer help in checking out various possibilities.

  1. Ensure both parties are on the same page

Have detailed discussions with the caterer to ensure both of you are on the same page and there is no scope for any miscommunication. The caterer you are engaging must understand your requirements and fulfill the same to make it a dream come true event for you.

Following these tips can make your search for the right caterer for your event easier and a big time-saver. 

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