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How to Celebrate 2020 Christmas during Covid-19 Pandemic?

Wondering how to celebrate Christmas this year? Well, you could find the answer here. Thinking to go out but the confirmed cases are spiking day by day and also there are SOPs and guidelines to follow. So are there any other ways for you to have fun with your family, friends, and loved ones without outing?

So this is RunningMen’s way to celebrate 2020 Christmas under the new norm:

1) Roasted Turkey

The must-have food for Christmas is definitely sharing Roasted Turkey (Bird) with someone you loved. Fun fact, the tradition of eating bird wasn’t really long with us where it only became more popular after WWII.

2) Western Cuisine

Of course, bird is not the only food to eat for Christmas, you can also get some western food like Spaghetti, Chicken Chop, Grilled Fish, Burger, Roasted Vegetable, Cocktail Sausage, Cheese Tart and more.

3) Assorted Desserts

Alright, so you got all your main courses and dishes, time to get some sweetness! Food like Cupcake, Doughnut, Eclair, Doraemon’s Pocket seems to be a good choice too. And also some fruits like Strawberry, Grapes, Dates and more!

4) Finger Food

Not to forget you might also consider getting our latest item, The Foodie Box which is currently trending on Instagram! *Find out more at here.


We think the best way to celebrate 2020 Christmas is staying at home eating good food with the people you loved because going out may put yourself at risk of infection.

Hope this article has given you enough ideas on how to celebrate your 2020 Christmas! Feel free to let us know your idea in the comment section below.

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**All our foods are Muslim-friendly so it can be shared among Malaysians!

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