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Why Choose Us

RunningMen Catering’s Bento Box consists of over 1000 varieties/combinations which is suitable for every one of your events and people. We can also provide sides, desserts, finger food, and beverages along with the bento if you need them.

1 to 1 Account Manager

Your orders are in charge by an individual account manager. We handle requests and problems quickly.

24/7 Delivery & Service

We can deliver food anytime, such as supper for night shift workers. Nobody is left out with an empty stomach.

Top-Quality Promised

We use best-grade ingredients that are suited for all Malaysian’s appetite. Muslim Friendly with Halal Cert.

Trusted by more than 100 companies:

Corporate’s Best Choice
During MCO (Movement Control Order) Period

No Dine-In: Stay Safe at Workplace

Reduce contact with people whenever possible! Even during your lunch time. Hygiene and convenience are our top concerns. Avoid outing whenever possible. Jangan “kesini kesana”!

No Group Outing: Save Precious Time

Avoid the hassles of eateries takeaway and food delivery ordering. Save your precious time for better productivity! Get food sent to your place at the scheduled time effortlessly.

The Best Bento Box / Meal Box / Prepacked Meals for Your Convenience.

Best for occasions like lunch, meetings, seminars, corporate events, training, high tea, light refreshment, overtime, gathering, virtual party, director meetings, annual general meetings, and many more.

We valued our user experience greatly so a stylish bento box with three compartments is used to store the food in best condition. The box itself is safe to be reheatable using the microwave. Another container will be used for the sauces or sides if needed. Eat our bento comfortably and pleasantly!

Western Cuisine Bento

Most food available in a western restaurant is also inside our menu. We got all you want like Spaghetti, Burger, Chicken Chop, Fish and Chips, and more. Not only that, but we also have sides like Doughnut, Mash Potatoes, Salad, Garlic Bread, and Cake.

Malay Cuisine Bento

If you are a typical Malaysian who loves Malay food, we got you covered too. We have all the typical Noodle items like Mi Hoon and also Ayam Masak, Ayam Penyet, Ikan Singang, Ikan Tilapia, Tandori, and many more.

Chinese Cuisine Bento

Our Chinese menu is not ordinary too, from the most popular Salted Egg Chicken Rice and Honey Garlic Chicken to special items like Fried Lou Xu Fan (the first item in the photos above) which is a type of noodle like Mee Hoon but with a much thicker body.

The Bento Box

Never get bored again with our wide range of menus that give you different choices. And our food is specially made for Malaysians with Halal Cert.

What Clients Say

RunningMen has been my partner of choice for the last 3 years. They have provided me and my team with the best-in-class service. Their flexibility, creativity, and willingness to meet our ever-changing have been an essential part of our partnership. Their food has always been superb and their professionalism is beyond compare!

Alvin Vasquez Rodriguez

Service Delivery Operations Manager of Accenture Malaysia

Being in the corporate world, we tend to have lots of food requests, and RunningMen has been great in meeting our requests. With a mix of modern and traditional foods, RunningMen gives a 5-star service with a varied choice of food.

Domaise Lew

Founder & CEO of T2M Media

RunningMen service was fast and efficient. The food was tasty, high quality, and very well portion. They even had a healthy food version just to cater to us.

Paresh Subramaniyam

Managing Director and Founder of Fitxcapes

It was our greatest pleasure to have RunningMen as our food provider. They have been answering our enquiries promptly when I ask on the menus and also patient enough to meet our needs and requests. Memang Terbaik!

Mohd. Kamir

Corporate Catering

Arrived on time, neat packaging and very beautiful container. Food was excellent and delicious, not so ordinary like other caterers. The staff is great too, very attentive to all the help and needs. Superb Service! Highly recommended 👍

Tan Hui Ying

Food Bento

Their team has been kind and experienced to explain each and all the types of catering buffet options. It was our greatest pleasure to have RunningMen as our caterer. We received good feedback from our guests. The dessert bar setup was gorgeous! 👍

Yuki Lim

Catering Service

Truly impressed with their service! The food arrived on time and the setup was very fast despite the heavy rain. The food served was still warm and the food was delicious. Many of our guests liked the food. Thank you for the great services!

Yu Xing

Wedding Buffet

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